TYT 3.3 I am African because…

Following our previous blog post, it seems like a good time to extend the conversation around identity and belonging. For those of you who weren’t there, here is a brief summary of some of the feedback from students:

It was interesting to read everyone’s different opinions.

It would be nice to know more about other culture’s thoughts and experiences and comment more on each other’s posts

Think about have in common rather than what distinguishes us as being different from one another.

In this light, we are introducing a new prompt for discussion that reads as follows …

I am an African because …

Please note that we will mark according to the following criteria:

* Participation

* Levels of engagement

* Clear communication of your opinions

* One post (your opinion) and one post commenting on a classmate’s post (i.e. two posts before deadline)

REMEMBER to treat this space with respect and compassion.In the spirit of breaking the barriers between “the other” (in this case, student and lecturer) we will also participate in this blog.We are really looking forward to reading and sharing y/our insights.

Deadline is Monday  26 August 2019 @ 12:00 (noon).

Join the Conversation


  1. I am African because I was born and raised in this beautiful country. I bare the marks that the flaws of this country has felt and I am proud of it. I am enlightened and inspired when I think of where we are and how far we have come and how far we still have to go and the fact that I am apart of that evolution pushes me to be more, live more, encourage more, inspire more and see more BECAUSE THERE IS BEAUTY IN THE WORLD ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SEE IT. AND WE HAVE BEAUTY <RIGHT HERE! YOU DONT HAVE TO SEARCH VERY FAR! AFRICANS UNITE!!!


  2. i am African because my culture speaks for me. the country i was born into made who i am and shaped the way i talk, walk and view life itself. what makes me African is that i was born into a country where i could be able to speak many languages, eat all kinds of food from different cultures and be able to be in a country where there is freedom and equality


  3. I’am an African firstly because i was born on the continent, bounded to it by century old traditions and customs, i walk the soil everyday, interact with the people i share common heritage with. I’am proud to be African and share it with the world


  4. I am African because i was privileged to be born in this amazing country. The history of our country makes me proud to be an African, the struggles and hardships people before us has gone through makes my heart sore knowing that because of them i can live a life of freedom and choices. I love being African because of this country’s history is what pulls us together as a nation. Hense i am a proud African.


  5. I am African because of being proud of who l am and this is how God created my life to be an African. To me being an African tells your background of who you really are like how is your hair, skin defines you as African some people think that being an African you should have black hair, black skin that doesn’t count anything being an African is about the history of your family like to know about your ancestors and other essential things about your culture that is the key to know you whether you are African.


  6. I am African because I was given a name that does not only stand for me but my ancestors as well. For the fact that I have a clan name which can be traced back to one of my great, great grandfather is full proof that I am in sink with the ancestral world in Africa.


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